Welcome to ROYKIT.

ROYKIT is the music-publishing extension of its older digital-distribution sister, finetunes. As a tech-driven, innovative and digital independent music publisher ROYKIT is committed to administer the composition-rights as efficiently as possible.

More & Faster

Maximizing income streams and revenue for writers is the target we are focussing on. ROYKIT has been started because we are realising so many issue especially in the digital usage of music where writers income streams are not really covered in the best way due to lack of technology, metadata or parts-of-penny reporting ressources. We started the company for the same reasons we founded finetunes 10 years ago:

fighting the disadvantage of writers realising that many of the traditional practices of copyright administration were too slow and inefficient as well. Thats why we try to build the best licensing & adminsitration house on the back of our knowledge of digital revenue streams and Interface-communication leading to the fastest and most robust statements in times where even mechanical association struggling in delivering this key-element to its writers and publishers.

We are still early to adapt our administration and backend systems to these challenges the digital world are bringing and work closely with organizations like soundexchange and many others around the world to trace, claim and pay fair compensation also for online usages of their music to writers and corporate partners.


The development and maintenance of close networks with television, film, ad and game producers, music labels and producers is important for our development.


For compositions distributed by ROYKIT we can use your finetunes Distribution sales data to audit the societies and digital stores to ensure you get all the money you’ve earned.


You receive quarterly detailed royalty statements post to your ROYKIT account.